OKR Coach Certification Program – July 27, 2023


Learn the 12 concepts of OKR as well as a full understanding of how to implement OKR to achieve critical results in your company.

Course Dates: 4 Consecutive Sundays – July 17

Hours: 1 pm to 4 pm EST

This is a live course via Zoom.

Course Outline – What you will learn:

1.       The 12 concepts of Objectives and Key Results (OKR).

2.       How does OKR tie in with the strategic, tactical, and operational planning models.

3.       OKR and Vision, Mission, Strategy, and Benefits alignment.

4.       Craft correctly formatted objectives to achieve critical milestones.

5.       Craft correctly formatted key results to measure success.

6.       Understand how OKR works with KPIs and balance scorecards cohesively.

7.       End to End OKR Implementation Framework.

8.       OKR and Agile Project Management.

9.       How to facilitate teams to collaborate and align their OKRs.

Benefits of this course – Skills you will acquire:

1.       Full understanding of OKR concepts and how OKRs can work with KPIs

2.       Align the entire company in a common strategic direction.

3.       Successfully launch OKR methodology within your organization using Target Align OKR implementation Framework.

4.       Spot incorrectly worded OKRs, reword and give leadership and teams their A-Ha moment.

5.       Acquire the ability to strategically plan out annually OKR and align with company vision and mission

6.       Acquire the ability to set up regular cadance to track progress and keep the momentum going.

7.       Understand organization change management.  Do’s and Don’ts when implementing OKR.

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