Core Values

Target Align is committed to providing excellence in OKR Application and Training to our customers and achieving financial success for our investors.

At Target Align, the only thing of focus is our customers and providing opportunities for learning, growth and achieving milestones through unique OKR applications and Training.

Target Align plays a vital role in providing OKR expertise to our valued customers and provide excellent customer service to meet their needs. We listen to our Customers and deal with Excellence, Integrity, Openness and Respect (change this)

OKR Application

Our OKR application provides unique strategies for our clients to achieve their target / milestones. We have developed this application keeping in mind the best practices to execute OKR successfully.

OKR Training

Target Align through consulting and training helps employees to realize your organization values, so they can set target / milestones that align with organization’s value. Through Target Align methodologies employees will feel more engaged and will enjoy the benefits of meeting organization goals and targets.

Guy Cheung

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Over 20 years of Program/ Project Management experience in the IT industry focused in the financial, banking, and insurance industries

Executed IT infrastructure & cloud development programs up to $30 million with team members spanning onshore and offshore.

Expert implementing OKR best practices to help the organization achieve targets.

OKR Trainer & Consultant.

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Shadab Rehman

Co-founder & Chief Operations Officer (COO)

Experienced Business Consultant, corporate trainer, and communications professional with over 15 years in the banking industry (Retail, Wealth, Commercial, and Capital Markets), telecommunications, media and government.

Experienced Business Consultant helping clients/customers solve problems.

Resourceful and flexible leader leading teams in Business &  Technology.

Knowledgeable in Implementing OKR best practices.

OKR Trainer & Consultant.

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Lawrence Li

Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Over ten years of experience in IT development

Projects include providing solutions and strategy for marketing campaigns, tech lead for multi-million dollar cloud apps throughout its product development lifecycle.

Focused on servers, infrastructure, and cloud service products.

Expert in Implementing OKR application for organizations.

Technology/Infrastructure expert of Target Align OKR application.

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We may not know where we'll be in a week or in a month. We we do want is to help companies succeed.