How to communicate your message in less than 2 slides!

You are an expert in your field. You have the technical skills and experience. You meet your manager in the hallway. Your manager asks you where you are at with your recent assignment. He/ she asks you to do 1 to 2 page, 10-mins presentation in the afternoon?  This may or may not be a specific project, but might […]

OKR – Create your North Star Vision Statement

Just because your company is small, does not mean you do not need a vision. Small companies could mean a small business or even a department within a large company. Accountability is the key. Afterall, in case you make it big or your department becomes the super star within the company, you need to be able to […]

OKR – Create a Mission statement because your company exists!

If you are a small company or a startup, it does not mean you should negate a company mission statement. By creating a mission statement you give you company focus, reason for existence, or you will fall into the trap of operating for the sake of operating and burn out yourself and your staff quickly. Let’s […]

OKR – Creating a Vision Statement that hums!

Creating a vision statement for your company need not be a big long statement. It should be one simple sentence that captures the essence of where you want to be.  Your employees and customers will read it and know immediate what your company stands for. If Mission Statement carries a 1 – 2 year duration, a Vision generally […]

Create a OKR-related Strategy

In a previous article we discussed creating a Vision and Mission statement for your OKR strategy. In this article we will explore creating a OKR strategy. From the Mission statement, we defined what the company did, who is your customer, how it is done and your philosophy of doing it. With the mission statement defined, a company can go […]

OKR/ Project Management – Use the Force… ‘The Baseline’

We all hear about the importance of establishing projects baselines. You know it is important, but often don’t know how to do it or what to do with it later. ‘Baseline’ is one of the abstract concepts, yet when applied well is useful and will help distinguish yourself from the average Project Managers that don’t use it. […]