Creating a vision statement for your company need not be a big long statement. It should be one simple sentence that captures the essence of where you want to be.

 Your employees and customers will read it and know immediate what your company stands for.

If Mission Statement carries a 1 – 2 year duration, a Vision generally should be a 2 – 5 year plan. Sometimes it might be longer depending how rapid the industry your company is in changes.

 Let’s take a look at the formula of a Vision Statement

 Vision Statement = Verb to be + Future state of being

 Think big!

 Be positive!

 No specific metrics, this should be left for prescribing Benefits and OKRs

 Example: Good Vision Statement

To become the work’s most trusted car company, designing smart vehicles for a smart world

Verb: to become

Future statement: Smart vehicles for a smart world

 Example: Bad Vision Statement

We work hard to be a company that our customers, society and customers what

Problem: Too general and does state a future statement. What does this mean?

 In crafting your most important Vision Statement of your company, congregate key SME from different area of the company. Yes, you should not just work with your immediate cluster, but work with SMEs, that are your peers, higher and lower level. Brainstorm with the following sticky note hints:

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  1. What is the company about?
  2. What do customers think of you?
  3. What do employees think of where the company is going?
  4. What is the product and services you provide today?
  5. What does the world look like tomorrow?
  6. How will the product and services your company provide fit into that world?
  7. What is the gap?
  8. What is the verb to use for your vision statement?
  9. Craft the future statement with the current statement in mind?

 Build your company’s vision statement with your peers, management and key SMEs in different areas.

 Establish a well rounded vision statement where you company will go for the next 2 – 5 years out.

Happy Vision Statement building!


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