We help SME’s adopt best practice OKR to achieve Your critical milestones

Our software and training services help companies scale-up quickly to meet or exceed their business objectives.

How to Write Impactful and Aspirational Objectives and Key Results

This video training helps companies set and manage goals that align with their vision.


Real-time tracking and updating of OKR status.  Integrated and native status views so as to identify individual OKR status and complete 360 aligned status.

Vision Mission Strategy Benefits

No other OKR tool or software has this feature, this will help employees of the organization to set more specific milestones, which matters the most for the organization to reach their visions and missions

Powerful decision
making capability

Our OKR software’s scorecard view & global view helps leaders understand where they are in their strategic execution and make decisions to stay the course or pivot to a different direction. 

OKR based task management

Robust action-based task board for users to communicate with their peers based on OKR priorities. 

Employee Reward System

Reward employees with 5 stars and point system to encourage peer collaboration and engagement.